Adventure guests: how to reach those objectives?

Jun 26, 2022

If it's adventure you want, it's adventure we'll provide! Meet your objectives head on with these tips.

There are several different groups of guests in your Jurassic World Evolution 2 parks. Some want to take it easy and just enjoy nature at its finest. Others come to your park for a much needed holiday. 

A third category of guests takes a different approach. They come to fulfil their primal needs. Adventure guests, questing for unimaginable thrills...

Well, let's give them what they want!

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Adventure Guests - what do they want?

To increase the amount of adventure guests in your Jurassic Park, you need to provide them with what they want. Which is...

  1. Carnivores (and lots of them)
  2. Park tours (seeing the above, obviously)
  3. Infamous dinosaurs (which, incidentally, happen to be carnivores)

So with that in mind, what do we do?


Forget about the sluggish triceratops, the mighty Brachiosaurus or the cute compy. It's Velociraptors, T-Rex and Majungosaurus these Adventure guests want. So let them have it!

You can have a massive park tour track crossing different enclosures, but there is another way. 

Some of these actually work well together. You can have an enclosure with Majungosaurus and Carnosaurus for instance. That saves a lot of space. And if they do end up fighting? That'll only help with the infamy...

Park tours

Yes, let's build that park tour! Make old mister Hammond proud and build it through the biggest, baddest carnivore enclosure you can find. Is that the T-Rex constantly hounding your ranger teams? Sure! Dilophosaurus spitting venom at the tour car window? Even better!

It really doesn't matter how you do it, just let your guests tour through the most dangerous enclosures you can find.


A few hundred years ago, people feared pirates based on their infamy. The more they'd plunder and the more they'd kill, the more infamous they'd become.

Go back another few million years and it wasn't any different. 

So how do you increase the infamy level of dinosaurs? Well, let them fight (to the death) of course!

Did you know there is a great post on increasing infamy right here on

Apart from the odd "let me be alpha" skirmish, friendly dinos don't often fight. So in order to raise infamy, you're going to need a few well placed... incentives, shall we say?

You can use old, smaller herbivores for it. For instance, if you have some cryosaurus or compygnatus reaching their deadline, just tranquillise and move them to the enclosure where your carnivores roam. That will make sure they start hunting, killing, (sometimes eating) and raise their infamy.

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Mason 1 year ago

Hi! Thanks for the great post. For the park tour, won't predators eat the guests in tour vehicles? Thanks!

Thyrosis 1 year ago

Hey Mason,

I don't think so! 😅 I've never seen it happen.

They'll attack the tour vehicles, sure. But guests stay inside the vehicles and aren't eaten as far as I'm aware.

Regards, Thy

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