Jurassic Park - Chaos Theory

Aug 14, 2022

Step by step guide to all objectives of the Jurassic Park Chaos Theory scenario.

Starting your Chaos Theory journey at Jurassic Park is a great choice. Not only does it start you at the beginning of the Jurassic Park film franchise, it also slowly eases you into the game of Jurassic World Evolution 2. 

Mission Brief

The overal mission is briefed by this simple statement:

Construct Jurassic Park with the aid of Dr John Hammond and create the first ever dinosaur park.

Seems easy enough. I mean, who wouldn't want to play around with dinosaurs?


In this post, you'll find all objectives outlined step by step, so you will know exactly what will be in store for you at every turn.

Getting the park started

The first series of objectives are focused on getting the park started. Building and researching the necessary buildings to release your first dinosaur into the "wild".

  1. Construct an operational
    • Visitor Center
    • Science Center
  2. Research the following: Hatchery
  3. Construct an operational Hatchery
  4. Synthesize the following dinosaur: Velociraptor
  5. Research the following: Improved Synthesis
  6. Synthesize, incubate and release the following dinosaur: Velociraptor (2 of them)

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  1. Construct an operational Response Facility
    • Construct a Ranger Post within the enclosure
    • Assign a Ranger Team to patrol that Ranger Post
  2. Make sure your dinosaurs have an average comfort rating of 90%
    • Construct a Live Prey Feeder
  3. Ensure the following can be viewed from a Viewing Gallery: Velociraptor
  4. Construct an operational Paleo-Medical Facility

Prepare for the Grand Opening

  1. Construct an operational Expedition Center
    • Increase genome of Triceratops to 50%
  2. Synthesize, incubate and release the following dinosaur: Triceratops (2 of them)
    • Ensure the Triceratops are safely enclosed

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  1. Make sure your dinosaurs have an average comfort rating of 80% for 30 seconds
  2. Increase total dinosaur species to 4
    • Build a functioning Park Tour
    • Ensure at least 5 dinosaurs are viewable from the Park Tour
  3. Open Jurassic Park

Making money

The next objectives revolve around earning some money. You will need a lot of it for the end game...

  1. Increase Guest Comfort:
    • Restroom Coverage: 90%
    • Shelter Coverage: 90%
    • Accommodation Rating: 90%
  2. Construct an operational:
    • Amenity
    • Guest Attraction
  3. Make $400.000 income per minute
    • Increase total dinosaur species to 6
    • Maintain Guest Comfort at 75%
  4. Synthesize, incubate and release the following dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex

This is a big objective. The expeditions to retrieve enough T-Rex genomes, cost over $3 million each. You could technically start synthesizing as soon as you hit the 50% genome progress. But chances are, you won't yield anything viable from a batch. So doing an expedition or 2 more would be very helpful.

Modifying the genes to remove the antisocial and Intolerant traits will cost you over $600.000

Once you decide to start on the next step, synthesizing a batch of Tyrannosaurus Rex will cost close to $900.000 in an unmodified state. After applying the genome modifications, it will cost you $1.1 million. Also: you'll need enough scientists to drum up the 15 genetics points needed.

Then, hatching a batch will cost $1.8 per egg and you'll need 13 welfare points for it. Building a second staff room for the necessary scientists might be required.

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All in all, you're looking at 10 to 15 million dollars just for 1 king of the lizards

End game

As soon as you release your Tyrannosaurus Rex, someone will sabotage a few of your gates. If you want to make sure no one gets hurt, open the emergency shelters before you release T-Rex

  1. Use Ranger Teams to reboot the sabotaged gates.
  2. Reach Park Rating of 5 stars
    • Increase total dinosaur species to 10
    • Increase number of Guests in the Park to 1500


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