How to increase dinosaur infamy

Jun 27, 2022

Just like pirates were infamous once, dinosaurs are too. Read how to increase dinosaur infamy in Jurassic World Evolution 2!

A few hundred years ago, people feared pirates based on their infamy. The more they'd plunder and the more they'd kill, the more infamous they'd become.

Go back another few million years and it wasn't any different. 

So how do you increase the infamy level of dinosaurs?


The first, rather obvious, way to increase infamy is to have your dinosaurs engage in fights. This is easier said than done properly. 

I mean, it's easy enough just placing a few dinosaurs that hate each other in the same enclosure. But then what? Do you constantly want them to fear and fight each other? Because the weaker party will start to feel skittish and uneasy and will most likely break out of the enclosure the first chance it gets.

Opening a gate for the stronger party too...

Also, placing two types of species in the same enclosure when they don't like each other, is bound to result into some fighting. But also in discomfort for both species. That means that by wanting to raise some dinosaurs infamy, you'll also raise his discomfort in the process. Which then leads to disgruntled carnivores on a rampage... Not something you want. 

So, it's probably best to keep an eye on things. And don't shy away from some God-like survival of the fittest-experiments 😉


What's that club again we don't talk about? Wait, was Bruno part of Fight club too!? 🤔

After a fight, someone gets hurt. Or worse better still, dies. 

As soon as a dino kills another one, his infamy increases. There are 5 levels of infamy (from 0 to 4) and you can see the statistics in the last tab of the dinosaur information page. 


  1. Dangerous
  2. Vicious
  3. Savage
  4. Tyrant

Not every kill will yield the same amount of infamy. A carnotaurus killing off a small herbivore like cryotaurus will gain some infamy, but not a whole level. Having him hunt down and kill a velociraptor, his infamy level will skyrocket!

How to

So, how do you easily create a high infamy without having to worry about some T-Rex parading through your main pathways?

Basically, there are two ways.

1. The "let nature take its course" way

You can use old, smaller herbivores for it. For instance, if you have some Cryosaurus reaching their deadline, just tranquillise and move them to the enclosure where your carnivores roam. That will make sure they start hunting, killing, (sometimes eating) and raise their infamy in the process.

Don't do this with a triceratops. They might be herbivores, but smart hunters know very well not to mess with their horns...

2. The "help nature to *ahum* find its course" way

But why wait? Another easy way is to incubate a batch of cheap Coelophysis. They're ridiculously cheap to synthesise (under $20.000 for a batch) and incubate ($31.500 per egg) , don't require much of anything and come in batches of 6 to 10.

Place them in their own compound, then tranquillise and transfer them one or two at a time to the enclosure of the dinosaur whose infamy you want to raise, like Dilophosaurus. 

Or, just drop 9 of them in an enclosure with 6 Dilophosaurus. The Coelophysis won't get lonely and the Dilophosaurus will have the best day of their lives... Trust me, it works wonders.

Bonus tip

Oh, the hunted don't even have to be awake. If you put a target in the enclosure which doesn't roll over to play dead easily enough, just tranquillise them. The hunter will still "hunt down" the sleepyhead and the kill will still count towards his infamy.

Keep in mind

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to raise infamy artificially.


Sure, Coelophysis are pretty cheap to make, but it's still over $300k for a batch of 10. It's not something you do every day I guess.

Decreased infamy over time

It's great to play around with life and death this way. Adventure guests love infamous dinosaurs.

Problem is, the infamy doesn't stick. If you don't keep up the stream of easy targets, their infamy level will drop.


If you place too many foreign dinos in the enclosure, the original inhabitants will get restless from cohabitation issues. 

Okay, those issues won't last very long if they hunt them down fast enough... but still.

Macho behaviour

So what happens if harmless dinosaurs suddenly get some attention?

Exactly. They start getting boisterous. Which also means they will start fighting amongst themselves. 

Again, nothing to worry about too much, but something to keep in mind.

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